Feather & Field Logo

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Feather & Field Counseling

Rarely do I have the privilege of working with a client that is so articulate about the story and aspiration behind her brand. When we began discussing developing a logo for Feather & Field, the owner told me about the choice of name and the significance of the feather and field in her own life. She expressed eagerness to counsel women specifically as they seek a healthy sense of self in spite of the many challenging roles they play in career and family. Her practice encourages the creation of mix-media art for personal exploration and aims to bring lightness and emotional freedom through its discoveries.

In my research, I learned about the various feathers and their functions for various birds. The feather in the logo is a flight feather, which is why it’s asymmetrical, and it also has some downy at the bottom for warmth. The allusion to a field (the horizontal line below) is understated in order to avoid a form that felt agricultural in nature, which could evoke the idea of “work.” Rather, I kept it to a straight line that anchors the feather but is also open to interpretation for the viewer. The hand drawn type feels personal, not too refined, and relaxed.